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With Samsung’s One UI 3.0 update, the main on-screen volume slider has a three-dot menu button overlaid on the top of it. Tapping this will expand the slider into a full-blown volume panel, complete with controls for all of the various types of sounds your Galaxy might make. Standard stuff, really, but there’s more to it.

In the top-right corner of the expanded volume panel, there’s a cog-shaped icon that predictably takes you to your sound settings. But in the top-left corner is an odd little button that kind of resembles a letter. This is the one that actually adds brand new functionality to your Galaxy — a feature that is almost freakishly futuristic.

The useful new button in your volume panel.

Live Transcribe

This little icon is the Live Transcribe button. It’s a new accessibility feature by Google that Samsung has integrated into its volume panel on recent software versions.

To try it out, press either of the physical volume buttons on the side of your Galaxy. When the on-screen volume slider appears, tap the ellipses, then select the Live Transcribe button in the top-left corner of the expanded volume panel. The icon changes from gray to white when the feature is enabled, at which point you can tap outside of the volume panel to dismiss it, or simply wait for it to time out.

What you’ve just done is enabled perhaps the best speech-to-text transcriber available to consumers today. Seriously, it’s pretty wild — uncannily accurate captions for every app on your phone. Every video in your camera roll gets live captioning, as does every streaming or local video you come across and every podcast.

You should know that this uses battery. Mostly while it’s actively analyzing audio, and to a lesser extent, when it’s sitting idle. Anytime it’s running, there will be an ongoing notification reminding you about it. If you really like this feature, you can hide that notification and leave it on at the expense of battery life. But the intent is for you to simply press that little button in the volume panel when you want to use the feature, then tap again to turn it off when you’re done.

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