Wyze Won’t Support Your Aging Smartphone Anymore – Review Geek

Wyze app logo on a smartphone screen, with a plant and keyboard on a white desk in the background
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In a recent post in its forum, Wyze announced that it will no longer be supporting older versions of either Android or iOS. The team stated that it is always looking to provide the best possible app experience for its users.

Wyze is drawing its minimum operating system requirements at anything lower than Android 7.0 and iOS 12.0. The upcoming 2.22 app release, which is scheduled for July 7, is when support will officially cease, and at that point, devices running a lower OS version will be unable to update their Wyze app.

Here’s the official statement:

Josh Hendrickson

Wyze is encouraging its users to update their primary device operating systems as soon as possible in order to keep receiving app updates if they haven’t already. It also recommends ensuring any secondary devices with the app installed are also updated.

Source: Wyze